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All About Buying Mattress Online in the UAE

Sapsa Bedding is your one-stop destination for buying mattresses online in the UAE. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach we cover a wide range of options for you to choose from based on your comfort level. Step in and find the mattress you love to find that perfect balance between luxury and support.

When buying mattresses online in the UAE it is crucial to learn about the firmness before making your final purchase. It helps to know how a mattress feels for people with different body types and sleeping positions. Choosing the wrong firmness can have a huge effect on your quality of sleep and health overall. Let us explore the different mattress firmness in detail to find your best match.

Firmness Scale for Buying Mattress Online in the UAE

In short, there are five basic firmness levels that determine your comfort level. Let us take a quick glance to learn what suits you best.

  1. Level 1-2 - Soft
  2. Level 3-5 - Medium-Soft
  3. Level 5 - Medium
  4. Level 5-7 - Medium-Hard
  5. Level 8-10 - Hard

Level 1-5 - Soft & Medium Soft

These mattresses are suitable for lightweight sleepers predominantly. They have more layers and work well for side sleepers.

Levels 5-7 - Medium & Medium-Hard

These mattresses are perfect for people who weigh between 60-100 KGs. It provides a good balance of comfort, support and ample pressure relief.

Levels 8-10 - Hard

These mattresses provide solid support, less hug and minimal signage. It comes with thinner comfort layers making it ideal for heavy-weight sleepers and for people with back and joint pains.