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  1. Fishmerman Swivel Glider Recliner Grey
    Special Price AED 2,140 Regular Price AED 4,590
  2. Rebecca Grey Recliner
    Special Price AED 1,873 Regular Price AED 3,950
  3. Sanora Light Grey Recliner
    Special Price AED 2,782 Regular Price AED 5,564
  4. Hemingway Dark Grey Recliner
    Special Price AED 2,033 Regular Price AED 4,066
  5. Hemingway Light Grey Recliner
    Special Price AED 2,033 Regular Price AED 4,066

Shop the Best Recliner Sofa Sets from Sapsa Bedding

Unwind and sink into cloud-like comfort with our super-plush recliner sofa. Now whether it be reading your favourite book or binge-watching your favourite TV show - you can do it all from the comfort of your home with our recliner sofa collection. Step in and browse through our wide range of recliner sofa UAE options to find your match today.

Benefits of Using Recliner Sofa Sets

There are plenty of reasons why everyone must own recliner sofa sets.

  • Comfort – Comfort is when you can sit in the position of your choice without having to jiggle constantly.  You should be able to put your feet up and relax, without having to lie down.
  • Pressure Relief – A huge benefit of using a recliner sofa is you can take the pressure off your joints. It is not the design of the chair that determines the most suitable position, but the ease of use.
  • Mobility – You may find it difficult to move when being stuck in a static position. A recliner sofa can come in handy by helping to reduce stiffness. This can aid your mobility.

Things to Consider Before Buying Recliner Sofa

Here are some of the top things to look out for while finding the best reclining sofa for your space.

  • Size & Space - When choosing the right size for your recliner, you must consider the amount of space available in your room. The size of the recliner must be determined by measuring the space available. Your body type is also an important factor to consider-make sure your choice of recliner matches your shape and size.
  • Cost - Recliners are investments, primarily due to the fact that they come with numerous specialized features. As well as that, recliner costs are based on the quality of materials and special features such as remote controls and other technology. The right recliner price depends on a combination of factors unique to you.
  • User Friendly/Ergonomics - The primary function of a recliner is to relieve the body of pain and pressure around bones, muscles, and joints. When it comes to choosing the right recliner, it is vital to take into account its ergonomics since each one is built differently.
  • Materials - Leather recliner sofas enjoy immense popularity in recliner chairs for their sleek and elegant design as well as their feel and comfort. It is also really easy to clean. Also available are fabric recliner sofas, such as velvet, cotton, etc., which are extremely breathable.

It is important to choose a reclining sofa that is both comfortable and durable if you are planning to invest in one.